July music at the Owls Nest

July music events at the Owls Nest

We look forward to welcoming you to the Owls Nest for music and fun during the heady days and nights of July. We have some very exciting gigs planned for you which are certain to be very popular – please book early if you want to guarantee a place to sit and eat.

Thursday 6th July : Acoustic Irish folk session, from 8.00pm. Our regular Irish night which is justifiably popular with our regulars.

Saturday 15th July : Freeborn Brothers, from 9.00pm. Billed as ‘gypsy, hobo, trash grass’ from Poland – what’s not to like?

‘We wanna bring you chaos! We wanna give you fun! We wanna take you for a trip to our world where gypsy heart meets american folk, where melodies and energy means more then anything else before! the FREEBORN BROTHERS are here to give you relief in hard times, to put smile on your face and sweat a lot! YO!’

Wed 26th July : Stan’s Blues Jam. From 8.30pm. Some fantastic local talent jamming the blues!

Sat 29th July : Moonshine Wagon, from 9.00pm. Another international band coming to Parley – to play ‘bluegrass acoustic punk’. More madness at the Owls Nest!

We look forward to seeing you here!

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